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Monday, November 27, 2023

The Effects of Sexual Abuse to a Woman

The  - Emotional Pain and Suffering of Rape

How to Help a Rape Victim Recover?

Rape Recovery

Touch of God is a Ministry to help others overcome Rape and Molestation through our healing process.

Whenever a person experiences sexual abuse, it opens the door to just about everything, such as bitterness, accusation, rejection, unloving spirits, fear, unclean spirits, shame and guilt, rejection, spirit of self-pity, self-hatred, etc. Incest and Sexual abuse are trauma to a person's soul.

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The person, who experienced sexual abuse or rape, usually has a hard time forgiving the perpetrators and against themselves. A spirit of shame and guilt enters the scene to make the person blame. Also, the person will feel spiritually unclean and defiled. They feel as though they are ruined for life. The unloving spirits are spiritual to self-accuse, self-blame, and anything else emotionally. They have a hard time forgiving themselves. They feel like a victim with good reason.

How to Help a Rape Victim Recover

To help a person who has been violated of their soul, get the person to forgive the perpetrator or abuser. If they don’t, they will continue to have mental torment and harassment over the event. Matthew 18 is evident that if we do not forgive, then we experience mental torment. Forgiveness is for them and not for the perpetrator. Help the person to see that it holds the pain in longer. They will get free sooner if they forgive. It is not easy to forgive the person who feels violated and ruined. They feel like a victim of a horrible crime. 

When ministering to someone who experienced violation through rape, see if this exists in their generation. If yes, get them to renounce it in their generations to stop it from going forward. 

How to Overcome Rape

Usually, when a person is raped or lived through incest, they suffer from a wounded spirit - a broken heart - their spirit feels crushed. Father God wants to heal your heart. It is hard for a person who experiences rape to receive God’s complete forgiveness because of the false responsibility of self-blame. It is a lying spirit blaming themselves. It is a spirit that works with shame and guilt. 

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Even though it is not their fault, they feel it is their fault and get the victim to repent for their participation in an unclean sexual act even though they did it against their will. Why this? Then, when the enemy whispers in their ear saying it is their fault, they can say I repented, and I'm forgiven. This closes the door on Satan, and they can stand against the enemy's accusation. 

Do deliverance and cast out the spirits, such as:

Bitterness, self-bitterness and self-unforgiveness, shame, guilt, self-accusation, unclean spirits, victim spirit, self-pity, defiling spirits, violation spirits, spirit of fear.

Many times, a victim will have a spirit of fear. They may experience flashbacks, causing them to relive and feel extreme fear. They may experience panic attacks or anxiety attacks through triggers of memories.

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Take the time to heal the victim's broken heart. Minister the Lord for the spirit of the Lord to touch their heart and remove the emotional pain from their being. Also, break the soul-tie attachments that may have developed through rape. This will free their mind from thinking about the perpetrator. 

Fighting Against the Spiritual Battle of the Mind

The reason for doing this is to legally close the door on Satan so that he can no longer accuse you and make you feel shame, etc. Now, Father God certainly knows you were a victim, and He does not hold you responsible, but the devil will use it to torment you, so we want to close the door. And if he returns after that, you can say it is under the blood. I repented for that already. Teach the victim to keep it on the cross. 

Learn to battle of the mind scriptures

Use Matt. 18:6-7 [Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)] for this; this is one time he prefers the NIV.

And you need to take authority over the mimes and break their power so that the memory of it will not stir you up every time you think of it. And if you can’t get it out of your mind, break the programming that would take you back to that experience.

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