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Thursday, December 07, 2023

Fragmentation of Self From Sexual Abuse

What is Memory Fragmentation?

Learn how to recover from Sexual Abuse

Dissociative Identity Disorder. In its most extreme form, dissociating to deal with childhood trauma causes the self to fragment; as the self fragments, 'alters'--alternate senses of self with memories, identities, and consciousness--develop.

The child may not have any memories of the event that were so horrific that the child blocked them. A false pathway to peace to deal with the stress of the memory.

Complex trauma and dissociation

These are often horrific experiences where the child, out of a protective mechanism, 'splits off' and then another 'split' emerges that doesn't have to deal with the effects of the traumas. As this seemingly 'works' then, when there are more traumas in this person's life, another 'split' emerges with the exact mechanisms in place. 

The person needs to deal with the beings that joined her during those traumatic experiences and then renounce them, renouncing them in the generations as well, and then have them cast out and close the door points. Please don't have the person focus on the traumatic experiences or recount them in detail, as this will only bring on more protective mechanisms.  

I do not want you to come in touch with a part of you that’s not you and then learn to co-habit with it so you can have a better day. That’s unscriptural because the bible says he who the Son sets free is free indeed. And I have to stand for that, not some form of co-habitation with our problem. And because we come into… intellectual understanding of a spiritual defect, it does not mean we are free. 

It just means we’re sharing time and space with something that is still not us. That’s why I’m not into integration and fusion in psychology. I don’t want to integrate and fuse the failures of the past into our lives for the future, and I break with it completely. And I’m probably the only one who ever has and does because even in Christian psychology, in the area of the fragmentation of the human personality, integration and fusion are the things of the past in the way they go. And I disagree. 

In fact, the people that I’ve helped with fragmented personalities, including multiple personality disorder, are single-minded people, and the things of the past were not integrated or fused. They were removed. So that the person is exactly who God created them from the foundation of the world, and they are single-minded, not double-minded in fusion, nor do they even have to consider the aspects of the tragedies of their past that fragmented them; it's just a memory. 

It has no bearing on their life, and that’s precisely where I come from, and our success and freedom are 2nd to none."

A person who forgets time finds things in their home, has no memory, or switches to something else usually has dissociative identity disorder.

The person who experiences horrific abuse through family or through witchcraft abuse needs deep biblical counseling and deliverance to overcome dissociative identity disorder and become whole again in their lives. 

Coach Teresa Morin, Anxious2Victorious Women 12-Week Program - Break the Cycle of Anxiety