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Monday, May 27, 2024

Understanding Godly Jealousy


The Truth About Envy and Jealousy: Understanding Godly Jealousy

Have you ever thought about the two sides of envy and jealousy? One side is filled with evil and darkness, while the other side is filled with goodness and light.

The Dark Side of Jealousy

When we talk about jealousy and envy, we often think about the negative aspects - the coveting, the longing for what others have, the bitterness that creeps into our hearts. This kind of jealousy is toxic, leading to idolatry and separation from God.

Yielding to envy and jealousy can have disastrous consequences, as it can lead us to place people or things above God in our lives. This is where idolatry comes into play, and God, in His righteous jealousy, will not tolerate any other gods before Him.

God's Jealousy: A Zeal for His Children

But then there is the other side of jealousy - Godly jealousy. In Corinthians 11:2, it is written, "For I am jealous over you with godly jealousy." This kind of jealousy is not evil; it is a zeal and integrity towards His children to protect them from harm and lead them back to Him.

God's jealousy is a sign of His immense love for us. He desires our fellowship with Him more than anything else in this world. His jealousy is a reminder that He will not share us with any other idols or gods.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Idolatry

When we place our desires on earthly things or people, we risk falling into the trap of idolatry. We expect these idols to bring us happiness, fulfillment, and peace, but they will only disappoint us in the end.

God calls us to turn away from these idols and return to Him, allowing Him to restore us to a place of intimate fellowship. He forgives our failures and welcomes us back into His loving arms, as if we had never strayed.

Embracing God's Love and Jealousy

God's jealousy should not be feared, but rather embraced. It is a sign of His immense love and desire for a close relationship with each one of us. He wants to be our best friend, our confidant, our guide through life's ups and downs.

So, let us turn away from the idols that entice us and turn our hearts back to God. Let us bask in His jealousy, knowing that it is a sign of His unending love and devotion to us.

Teresa Morin
Touch of God Deliverance Ministry - a Christian Healing and Deliverance Ministry. Also, offer a 12-week - Transforming Anxious2Victorious Women program. 

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